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Ceiling Fans: The Key To Summertime Comfort

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Did you know that your home’s ceiling fan can play a big role in keeping it cool and comfortable this summer? In addition to making you feel cooler, ceiling fans can also ease the financial burden of cooling your home. Putting Wind Chill to Good Use Ever wipe your skin with a damp cloth and then expose it to a gentle breeze? Then you’ve noticed that your skin feels cooler as the breeze passes over it. This is a phenomenon known as the “wind chill effect” and it works by combining two effective ways of removing heat –...

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Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning

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If you have an air conditioner to keep you cool when high temperatures and humidity strikes, the efficiency of the unit can make an impact on the air quality and quantity of cool air the unit outputs. Here are some tips to use when doing your routine maintenance procedures on your air conditioner, keeping your home the coolest possible while saving you money on energy costs. Changing The Air Filter It is best to change out the air filter on your air conditioning unit once a month. This will help keep the air flow unrestricted by debris...

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How To Seal Leaks In Your Ventilation System To Prevent Furnace Repair Issues

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Leaks in your home’s ventilation system lead to excess dust, which can block the air flow and create breathing problems. The leaks can also cause your furnace to run inefficiently. The harder your furnace works to make up for these deficits, the more likely you will have to hire an HVAC contractor for furnace repair. To prevent this chain of events, you can seal the leaks in your ventilation system. What You Will Need to Seal the Leaks This project is simple enough for any homeowner to do. To get started, you will need: A caulk gun...

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2 Myths About Air Conditioners Exposed

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Many homeowners are guilty of not paying much attention to their air conditioner until it breaks down. This is likely because they do not know about how complex and expensive these household appliances are and because they believe some myths that are simply not true. By learning the truth about these myths, you’ll be well prepared for a potential problem before it happens. Myth 1: Ice On My Air Conditioner’s Condenser Is Normal You may notice ice forming on the outside of your air conditioner’s condenser, which is common....

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Heat Pumps: Exploring The Pros And Cons

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Are you considering the installation of a heat pump in your home? If so, it is important for you to take the time to explore both the pros and cons that come along with installing this type of heating system. By taking the time to review both the good and bad features outlined below, you will be able to determine for yourself whether or not a heat pump is the right choice for your home heating needs. The Pros There are several benefits associated with the installation of a heat pump in your home. These benefits include: Energy Efficiency...

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Heater Takes Long To Warm Up House: The Probable Cause & Solution

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Do you dread cold weather because your heating system takes a long time to warm up your house? The problem may stem from your gas furnace needing a tune-up, but it may also mean that it is time to invest in a replacement. Discover what can cause a heater to take a long time to warm up a house, as well as what a new gas furnace will cost. What Causes a Heating System to Be On a While Before a House Warms Up? The air duct system attached to the furnace can lead to problems with getting a sufficient amount of heat. What happens is dirt, pest...

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Four Energy Efficient Improvements for Your Conventional HVAC System

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If your home is like most others, you probably have a conventional HVAC system. These are systems with ducts and heating and cooling that are distributed throughout your home. They are affordable and easy to maintain, but not always the most energy efficient. If you want to reduce the energy consumption of your heating and cooling, you may want to consider some improvements like adding a digital thermostat or improving efficiency with an energy audit. If you want to reduce the energy consumption of your conventional HVAC system, here are four...

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3 Central AC Repair Steps To Follow Before Turning To A Professional

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Have you been disappointed to recently turn on your home’s central air conditioning unit on a warm day, only to find that it wouldn’t kick on or wouldn’t blow out any cold air? If so, then of course you want to get the problem resolved as soon as possible–especially before the sweltering months of summer arrive. Before you shell out your hard-earned money to have an HVAC contractor come out to your home, however, there are a few easy potential fixes you’ll want to try for yourself. Cleaning Around an Outdoor Unit...

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