Spending Money to Save Money on Heating the Home

Keep Cooling Costs Down When You Run A Business: Maintaining Your System And Strategies To Optimize Your System

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When you run a business, there can be many ways you can lose money because of inefficiency and poorly maintained equipment. If your business relies on keeping the environment cool for a number of months out of the year, it’s important to keep your system properly maintained. You’ll need to call a qualified technician to come and service your system before the cooling season starts. This will help reduce the number of emergency calls to fix a system that breaks down, and make your system more efficient at the start of the cooling...

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Signs A Crane May Be Needed For HVAC Installation

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An HVAC will often give you many signs that it is nearing the end of its lifespan before it dies. It may not heat or cool as efficiently as it once did, your energy bills may be suddenly increasing, or you may find your unit suddenly needing repair after repair. Regardless of what signs your HVAC unit is giving you, you may be starting to put aside money and thinking about buying a new HVAC and having it installed. If this is the first time that you have had to deal with it in your home, you may be unsure if a crane will be needed for your...

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Roofing And Windows To Reduce Cooling Costs

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When you set out to decrease your cooling costs, buying the most energy-efficient equipment you can find is a good place to start. On the other hand, if your home heats up as fast as or faster than your AC system can cool it down, you may still end up overpaying to cool your home. Thus, you need to take steps to decrease heat gain in order to reap the full benefits of an energy-efficient cooling system. Start by upgrading your roofing and your windows.  Energy-Efficient Roofing One good choice for roofing is a metal roof. Metal is a...

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Less Wear Means Less Furnace Repair

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You do not need advanced training as a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation technician to understand that the more a furnace runs, the more it wears down. Thus, if you want to reign in repair costs—especially with an older furnace—then you need to find ways to reduce the load on your furnace. Improving the seals around doors and installing seals on your windows will help.  The Problem with Windows As cold air moves across the outer surface of a window, it absorbs heat from the window itself. The purpose of a double-pane window is...

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Should You Use A Heat Pump In Your Home?

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Installing a furnace is not the only way to heat a home. In fact, there are some limitations of a furnace that you can improve on by using a different heating system. For example, a heat pump can be an attractive alternative to a furnace. Choosing between the two will depend as much on the heating demands you face with your home as it will on which of the two options is more efficient.  What Are the Limitations of a Furnace? A furnace’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. A furnace creates its own heat by burning a...

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Optimizing the Function of Your Condenser Coils

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Condenser coils are located on the outside of your house; thus, they are subject to everything that Mother Nature can throw their way. If you do nothing to protect them, they will never function as efficiently as they could. Luckily, you do not need a degree in thermodynamics in order to take steps to improve the function of your coils.  Throw Some Shade Coils that are exposed to direct sunlight will absorb the sun’s energy and heat up. Furthermore, the hotter it gets outside, the harder your coils have to work to cool the...

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How To Get Your Commercial Air Conditioner Ready For The Summer

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When the summer arrives and the temperatures start to rise, you will be relying on your building’s air conditioner to do its job and keep the inside cool. However, don’t wait until you have triple-digit heat to discover the HVAC unit is having issues. Here are some tips for getting it ready and maintained before summer gets here. Replace Your Filters Whether you have reusable or disposable air filters in the HVAC unit, now is a good time to replace them with new ones. You might clean out your filters during other times of the...

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How To Pick The Best Kind Of Heat Pump For Your Home

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HVAC can be a pretty complicated field, which can make it difficult to find a heating and cooling solution that is perfect for your home. Fortunately, there are actually certain appliances that can be used to simultaneously satisfy both needs at once: heat pumps. How do heat pumps work? In short, a heat pump is like an air conditioner that can be reversed. Not only can they take the heat from the air in your home and dump it outside, but they can also draw heat from outside your home to warm your home during the cold winter months. This is...

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4 Steps To Prepare Your Heating For The Summer Months

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Soon, spring will be here and you will be ready to turn your heating off until the next winter. There are some things that you may want to do to prepare your heating system for the long months it will be sitting idle. If you are ready to turn your heating off for the year, here are some things that you will want to do to prepare: 1. Turning Off The System And Checking Electrical Connections The first thing you will want to do before you begin maintenance to your furnace is turn the power off to it. With some systems, this may be a main switch...

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Tips For A Better Air Conditioner

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Do you feel like your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home efficiently? If you are constantly having to run your unit for a long period of time this can mean that your unit isn’t working properly and can force you to pay more for your electricity bill due to excessive power consumption. To ensure your unit works efficiently so you can see great results and avoid high energy bills, you will want to do the following: Upkeep your Condenser:  Taking care of your unit’s condenser is very important, especially when trying...

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