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How To Get Your Commercial Air Conditioner Ready For The Summer

When the summer arrives and the temperatures start to rise, you will be relying on your building's air conditioner to do its job and keep the inside cool. However, don't wait until you have triple-digit heat to discover the HVAC unit is having issues. Here are some tips for getting it ready and maintained before summer gets here.

Replace Your Filters

Whether you have reusable or disposable air filters in the HVAC unit, now is a good time to replace them with new ones. You might clean out your filters during other times of the year, but you need fresh and clean ones for the summer season. If you use an old or dingy filter, it might be clogged with debris, which reduces how well the air conditioner functions. This could also cause debris and allergens to be released into the different areas of your building, causing illness among employees and customers or clients. It is best to replace them now, which is inexpensive and easy to do yourself.

Clean the Exterior Unit

Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning unit is crucial if you want it to work properly during the summer. Since you will be using it possibly every day, this is something you should take care of now. Find the exterior unit and look closely around the outside of it to see if any twigs, branches, leaves, or other debris are present. Clean off the outside of all this debris, also sweeping around the unit to reduce the issue further. This is also a good idea to trim bushes or trees around the unit to prevent the problem in the future. Now open up the unit and do a quick inspection for more debris that needs to be removed.

Clean the Coils and Fins

With the air conditioning unit still open, you should also clean the condenser coils and fins. Both of these parts help to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. After removing debris, use a scrub brush to gently remove dirt and buildup on the coils. A microfiber towel can be used to wipe away any remaining dirt or debris. Repeat the process for the fins, but be careful not to bend them. You can use a fin comb to straighten them out if needed. Pay attention to any issues within the unit, such as missing fins or if the coils look worn. You might need to have part of the unit replaced.

Look For Warning Signs of Needing Repairs

It is best to get repairs done before summer begins, so pay close attention to warning signs the unit might be giving you. Turn on the air conditioner when you're done cleaning it and see how it works. If it takes a longer time than usual to get running, that might be a warning sign that it should have repairs done. Some other signs that it is time to call an HVAC technician include the air not being as cold as it should be, a faulty thermostat, or weird sounds and smells when you turn it on. To learn more, speak with someone like Betlyn Paul J Company.