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4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Portable Air Condition Unit This Spring

This spring, before you really need to use your portable air conditioning unit, spend some time getting it ready for use again.

1. Clean Off the Dust

The first thing that you need to do is clean off the dust that is on your unit. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the outside of the unit. Then, get out your vacuum cleaner and use the hose attachment to clean out the vents as well as the louvers. The louver is the area that the air passes through as it enters your home. A vacuum is a great way to get rid of all the dust that can accumulate and build up on your unit over time. Dust can clog things up and slow down your unit. You also don't want to circulate dust through your home, so cleaning the unit and getting rid of the dust is a good move.

2. Clean Off the Coils

Second, you are going to want to clean off the coils. The condenser coils play a big role in keeping your home clean. Not only can dust build up on the condenser coils on your portable unit, so can grease and grime.

You can clean off this built-up grime with a nice home-made cleaning solution. Just mix some vinegar with a little water and put it in a spray bottle or mix a little lemon juice with some water in a spray bottle works well. Spray the home-made cleaning solution onto the coils, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe off the coils. This should remove any built-up grime. If it doesn't remove all the grime, just spray the coils again, let it sit, and wipe it off one more time.

3. Clean the Filter

Most portable air conditioning units have a filter that you can pull out of the unit and clean. It usually doesn't take that much to clean the filter. Just run it under some warm water and use the spray attachment on your sink if you have it. That should dislodge all of the dust from the filter. Allow the filter to dry off completely before you put it back inside of your portable AC unit.

4. Test it Out

Finally, test out your portable AC unit. Put the air filter in place, make sure everything is put together, and test it out. Allow it to run for at least ten minutes and make sure that it is blowing cold air. If you disconnected the exhaust hose, this is a good time to set it back up.

This spring, before you start using your portable AC unit, clean it off and test it out to make sure that it is ready to keep you cool this summer. For more information, check out a website like https://www.temperatureprocentralmaryland.com/.