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spending money to save money on heating the home

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The Where And How Of Installing High-Velocity Ducts: 4 Tips To Help You With Planning And Preparing Your Home For A Compact Duct

If you are concerned about the available space for a new AC installation, high-velocity duct systems are the way to go. Unlike conventional HVAC ductwork, these systems have the advantage of compact ducts that can easily be installed in existing spaces and wall cavities without doing major changes to your home. When you install this type of system, though, there is planning that will be needed and a few other facts about high-velocity AC that you are going to want to know. The following tips will help you with the planning and preparation that needs to be done before you have a high-velocity duct system installed in your home:

1. Installing the AC Unit in the Right Place to Reduce Wear, Protect Against Weather, and Improve Efficiency

The location of the new AC unit is important to consider when planning on having a compact duct system installed. The heat pump should be located in the area where it is not in direct sunlight throughout the daylight hours and protected from the elements to help reduce wear and improve the efficiency of your new AC installation.

2. Interior Design the Importance of Locations for Vents and Returns With High-Velocity AC

Installing new high-velocity ducts will mean that you may need to make changes to the interior design of your home or location of AC vents. First, consider where seating is and make sure that ducts blow indirectly to the areas. For the return vents, they will need to be located in areas that allow air to circulate freely and where they will not get blocked by furniture or objects.

3. The Largest Component of Your Ductwork and Finding a Place to Install the Plenum

All forced-air AC systems have a plenum that is the main component of ducts where the cool air from the heat pump goes to be distributed. With a compact, high-velocity system, this is the largest component of the system, and it will need to be installed in available space in an attic, crawl space, or utility room. From here, the ducts can be installed to distribute the air conditioning throughout your home through a network of compact ducts that are the same size diameter as plumbing drain lines.

4. Choosing the Best Location for the Installation of the New Compact Ducts for High-Velocity AC

Even though it is easier to install the ducts of high-velocity AC systems, there is still some planning that needs to be done. The ducts need to be located in wall cavity space and areas of the structural framing that do not have existing obstacles like plumbing lines. If there are any areas where you do need a chase for ducts, they will be small and barely noticeable after the AC installation has been completed.

These tips will help you with the planning and preparation to get your home ready for compact ducts. If you are ready to have a new AC installed in your home, contact an AC installation service like Orlando Air Conditioning Experts and talk to them about installing a high-velocity air conditioning system in your home.