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How old is your home heating system? How much are your heating bills each winter? Did you know that your heating bill could be much higher than it needs to be if your heating system is outdated or not well maintained? To find out what it could cost to update your heating system and lower the cost of heating your home for next winter, take a moment to visit my website. I have learned this past winter just how much money can be saved by spending money on an updated heating system. Find out how much I have saved this year and what changes I made to achieve the savings.

Furnace Troubleshooting 101

As a homeowner, you likely recognize that summer is the perfect time to test and maintain your furnace and home heating system. After all, what better time to work on it than during the season when you don't need to rely on it for heat? Addressing potential furnace issues now will help ensure that your home stays warm when you need it the most this winter. These are a few of the problems that you may encounter and some tips for when you might want to call a furnace repair technician.

Furnace Isn't Producing Sufficient Heat 

Usually, if the furnace is running fine but the heat it's producing isn't as warm as it should be, that's a key indication that the air filter needs to be replaced. When a furnace air filter gets clogged up and isn't replaced, it hinders airflow into the furnace. 

This can reduce the heat production output that you feel in each room. It can also lead to overheating and cracking the heat exchanger if your furnace doesn't have a dirty filter safety switch to shut the unit down when the air filter is too clogged up. If the air filter is clean and it's still not producing enough heat, you should definitely reach out to a furnace repair technician to troubleshoot it further for you.

Another common cause of low heat output is blockages around the furnace. If the air intake is blocked by any kind of obstructions, including boxes, baskets, clothing, or any other items,  the furnace may not be able to draw in sufficient air. Make sure that the area around your furnace stays free of obstructions at all times.

Furnace Isn't Starting At All

When your furnace won't fire up at all, the most obvious things to eliminate first include the thermostat's setting, the power supply to the furnace, and the fuel source. If you're certain that your furnace is functional in all three of those areas, the issue could reside with the safety switch on the front panel of your furnace.

The safety switch is designed to keep the unit from operating when the front panel is removed from the furnace. This is a safety feature that prevents burns and potential fires. However, if the safety switch isn't recognizing that the door is in place, you may need to have a furnace repair technician replace it. It's best to have these replaced by a professional to ensure that any wiring is done safely and securely.

If you need help with your furnace, contact a heating service.