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3 Important Reasons To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced Annually

One of the most important residential air conditioning services you can take advantage of is a yearly AC tune-up. Even though preventative maintenance can cost a little up front, it pays off by preventing breakdowns that could cost even more. Here are three important reasons to have a yearly service call from an air conditioning maintenance service.

1. You Could Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

You might not realize the air handler part of your air conditioner makes water because of condensation. Normally, the water drips in a pan and drains away so you never have to think about it. However, if the pan leaks or if the drain line gets a clog, water can back up in your air handler or spill on the floor. This could result in water damage to your home, mold growth, and rust on your HVAC.

When you have an annual service call in the spring, the AC technician checks the condensation pan and drain line to make sure they're okay and ready for a long summer of draining water away from your home.

2. You Could Prevent Damage Caused By Dusty Parts

Dirty HVAC equipment can cause damage to your AC and cause it to operate inefficiently. These problems can be prevented when you have your equipment cleaned by a professional on an annual basis. Two important parts of the air handler that need to be cleaned include the blower and evaporator coils.

If the blower gets clogged with dust, your AC won't be able to blow much cool air. If the evaporator coils get coated with dust, they might freeze over, but if they don't, the refrigerant won't cool your home very well. These problems drive up your electricity bill and they can cause your AC to break down eventually.

3. You Could Prevent Damage To The Compressor

The compressor is in the condenser that sits outside your house. This is one of the more expensive parts of an air conditioner to replace. Sometimes, it makes better sense to replace your air conditioner rather than sink a lot of money into an old AC by replacing the compressor.

A compressor can fail because of strain put on it by other parts in the condenser. Since the condenser is outside all winter, it gets a lot of abuse from wind, ice, rain, snow, leaf accumulation, and even pests invasions.

When you have an annual service call, the technician cleans and checks parts in the condenser to make sure they're all okay. Replacing an inexpensive part as a preventative maintenance step could save the compressor from the strain that causes it to fail later in the summer.

For more information about residential air conditioning services, contact a local HVAC professional.