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spending money to save money on heating the home

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What Are the Advantages of Installing a Mini-Split Ductless AC System?

If you're adding a home air conditioning system to your property, an HVAC contractor may recommend choosing a ductless system, also known as a mini-split. Here are some of the reasons you may want to choose a mini-split installation over a traditional AC unit.

Create Zones in Your Home

The biggest advantage of installing a ductless air conditioning system is the ability to create different temperature zones in your home. You can set up multiple units so that, for example, your bedroom, the family room, and the basement all have their own thermostat and source of cool air. If you and your family members have different temperature preferences, everyone can set their own mini-split unit to their comfort level. This also lets you turn off air conditioning in unused rooms of your home. An HVAC contractor that offers air conditioning services can help you decide on the best way to divide your home up into zones with mini-split units.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Compared to a ducted air conditioning system, a ductless system is more energy-efficient. One reason is that air doesn't get a chance to leak out of ducts, so the energy to cool leaking air isn't wasted. Another reason is that these systems simply use energy more efficiently than forced-air units. They are smaller and don't require as much energy to cool and circulate air, especially if you turn off the cooling for uninhabited zones of your home. This way, you'll save money on your utility bills throughout the warmer months.

Save Money on Installation Costs

Whether you're installing a home air conditioning system on an entire property or adding supplemental AC to a garage or home addition, ductless systems are far less costly to install than forced-air systems. You won't have to add extra ducting, and even a multiple-zone mini-split system requires just one outdoor unit. The indoor units attach to the wall and are quick and easy to mount, reducing installation costs for you. In addition, many federal and state government programs provide tax credits and rebates for energy-efficient systems, further reducing your installation costs. Your HVAC contractor can help you figure out how to apply for these programs so that you save money on air conditioning services while reducing your carbon footprint.

From saving you money to giving you more flexibility in cooling your home, mini-split ductless systems offer many advantages. Ask your HVAC contractor to learn more about home air conditioning installation.