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3 Signs Your AC Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant And Needs Urgent Repairs

There are countless reasons why your AC system might lose its efficiency with time.  However, don't assume that you can handle an AC problem simply because it looks minor. If you want to avoid major issues with your AC unit, always let an air conditioning repair professional handle your faulty unit, no matter the magnitude of the problem it has. 

One major problem your air conditioner may develop includes leaking refrigerant. The refrigerant is usually the chemical the AC unit uses to run the entire cooling process. It works by absorbing the heat coming from the environment and then releasing it through the outdoor condenser. The chemical substance runs on a closed loop, meaning you may not need to refill it unless it's leaking. But is it easy to tell when the refrigerant is leaking from the AC unit? Yes! Here are three common indicators that your AC unit is leaking the chemical and needs urgent repairs.

When Your House Lacks Cool Air

The level of refrigerant in a well-maintained air conditioner is always enough for its function. When the fans blow the warm air from the room into the AC unit, it passes over the evaporator coils. Usually, the refrigerant inside the unit is under low pressure. It absorbs the heat from the AC system and immediately evaporates. The evaporated refrigerant only cools down when it gets to the condenser unit.

So when the AC unit develops a weakness that causes it to leak refrigerant, it will not draw heat from the room as effectively as it should. Consequently, your house might lack cool air and be uncomfortable for you when the sun is really hot.

When the System Produces Hissing and Gurgling Noises

The refrigerant leaks if there is a crack or another weakness in the refrigerant lines. If you are keen enough, you might even notice when the leak is actively taking place. A hissing sound from the refrigerant line is one of the common signs of an active leak. The gurgling noise indicates that the crack in the AC system has increased in size, leading to significant freon loss. If you can identify any of these noises from the AC system, call an air conditioning repair technician to assess and fix the leaking issues. Remember that refrigerant is a harmful chemical compound, and inhaling it can lead to serious health problems. 

When the Energy Bill Goes Up

As the air conditioning system loses refrigerant, the entire unit will work harder to keep the house cool. Consequently, it will use up more electricity than before. This means the bills will increase because you will often tune the thermostat when the house isn't getting cool enough. Replacing the lost refrigerant is the best way to cut down your power bills.

Contact a competent AC technician as soon as you notice these signs of trouble with your AC system. The technician will help you diagnose why the unit is leaking refrigerant and provide AC repair in good time. Spending a few dollars on professional air conditioning repair will help you have an efficient and durable air conditioner in your home.