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What Information Do You Need When Hiring Drain Cleaners?

If you've got a slow running, clogged, or backed-up drain, then you probably want the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Contacting a professional drain cleaning service is usually the best option, but there's more you can do to help these experts get the job done. Knowing a bit about your plumbing and having this information on hand can help get your drains running smoothly that much faster.

While more information is always better, you should try to have these three pieces of information ready to go when you make that first call.

1. Is the Clog New?

Your plumber will usually want to know as much as possible about a clog before beginning to clear it. More information allows them to choose the right approach from the start, which saves them time and helps save you money. One critical and yet often overlooked piece of information is whether a particular clog is a new problem.

Recurring clogs often indicate more severe trouble, such as damaged sewer pipes or root infiltration. If your clog isn't new, then your plumber may decide to bring heavier guns (such as hydro-jetting equipment) with them on their first visit.

2. Is Waste Backing Up Into Your Home?

There's a significant difference between a slow kitchen sink and a backed-up toilet. Some sewer clogs can create health hazards by pushing wastewater back into your home. You should always treat these problems as an emergency, and you should inform your drain cleaner. By letting them know you have waste in your home, they can bring proper protective gear to keep themselves safe.

Additionally, sewer backups usually only occur with severe clogs or other major sewer line problems. Providing this information lets you drain cleaner know they aren't dealing with a small and easily removed clog.

3. Is the Problem Limited to One Drain?

A single slow-running or clogged drain usually isn't a critical problem. In many cases, obstructions within your home's plumbing are responsible for these issues. On the other hand, multiple clogged drains might point to a deeper problem or even a collapsed sewer line. Many drain cleaners will recommend an emergency visit for severe problems such as this.

The techniques required to clear a single drain are significantly different from those needed to remove a major sewer obstruction. By providing as much information as you can, your drain cleaners will know what to expect when they arrive. This extra knowledge means they can clear your clog more quickly and with less disruption to your life.