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Can A Damaged Contactor Keep Your Outdoor Unit On?

If your outdoor AC unit continues to run long after the thermostat shuts off, talk to an HVAC contractor today. Your outdoor unit could have a stuck contactor problem. If the contactor becomes stuck, the unit will not shut off on time. Learn more about the contactor inside your outdoor unit and how an HVAC contractor can repair it below.

What Is Happening With the Contactor?

When your HVAC system is in auto mode, it relies on a special electrical switch called the contactor to turn the outdoor unit off and on during the day. The contactor receives its commands directly from the thermostat inside your home. If a communication problem occurs between the thermostat and the contactor, the outdoor unit will stay on indefinitely.

The thermostat relies on a thin wire to send various messages to the contactor. When the thermostat switches on inside the house, the contactor will automatically move into the closed position. When the thermostat turns off, the contactor will automatically switch into the open position. If corrosion, electrical power fluctuations, or something else prevents the contactor from receiving messages from the thermostat, it will remain closed. The switch will eventually become welded in place.

You can try to fix the contactor yourself. However, the contactor may not be the only issue you need to consider. You will need to have an HVAC contractor examine your cooling unit and contactor for you.

Can an HVAC Contractor Repair a Stuck Contactor?

An HVAC contractor will use their troubleshooting skills to repair the contactor in your outdoor unit. If the contactor has electrical problems, a contractor will most likely replace it with a new contactor component. The contactor may simply be too old to operate properly.

The contactor may also be too corroded or soiled to supply electricity to your outdoor unit. Contactors should be able to create and transfer enough electricity to the unit throughout the day and night. However, corrosion and dirt can create power or electrical fluctuations inside the unit and keep it from shutting down. 

If the contactor checks out fine, a contractor will troubleshoot the thermostat inside your house for issues. Thermostats can become obsolete, old, or simply outdated over time. Replacing or upgrading your thermostat should solve the issue at hand.

You can learn more about contactors or find the repairs you need for your contactor by consulting an HVAC contractor or company today.