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3 Reasons Your Furnace Isn't Blowing Hot Air

Have you noticed cold or lukewarm air flowing through the house when you turn on the furnace? An underperforming heating system could quickly make your home an uncomfortable space. Your furnace should always blow hot air unless you have programmed the thermostat to emit cold or warm air. Therefore, if you haven't made any thermostat adjustments, your furnace may not be blowing hot air because of the reasons below.

1. The System Hasn't Warmed Up Yet

When you turn on the furnace, the system could take a considerably long time to warm up. The air inside the furnace needs to pass through ductwork before reaching the vents. 

If the unit hasn't been used for a while, the ducts may be cold. Even if the furnace heats the air and the hot air flows through the cold duct, it could lose heat before reaching the vent. After a few minutes, your ductwork will warm up. Therefore, the ducts won't absorb as much heat. Thus, the air flowing will reach the vents when hot. In this case, give your furnace a few minutes. If it still blows cold air, seek heating system repair services.

2. Faulty Ductwork

Have you upgraded the ductwork around your home? If your home is old and the ductwork hasn't been upgraded, it could be the reason behind the cold air. Over years of consistent use, air ducts are prone to get gaps, holes, and sometimes tear. Ductwork could wear out due to normal use, pests, or aging of materials making the duct.

So, if it has been long since an expert looked at the ductwork, call in an HVAC contractor for inspection and furnace repair. After the repair, you will notice immediate changes in the air blowing through.

3. Clogged Air Filters

It is recommended to schedule furnace repair frequently. However, most homeowners overlook maintenance until the furnace malfunctions. Maintenance includes essential servicing like cleaning and replacing air filters to keep them functioning at their best. When left unchanged or uncleaned, the filters could accumulate dust and particles, causing them to clog. 

Over time, the clog worsens and restricts airflow within the system. With less airflow, the furnace will struggle to function and overheat. As a security measure, most furnaces have a high limit switch installed. So, the furnace will automatically switch off to avoid further system damage. Thus, blowing cold air around your home. It is best to follow through with maintenance practices to prevent clogged air filters by calling HVAC experts.

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