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AC Service: Factors That Affect an AC’s Life Span

Getting home to find that your AC has failed can be disheartening. It may be even more frustrating if there were seemingly no signs, and you were not anticipating the breakdown. While repairs might enable you to enjoy the appliance's service for a while, this is not always efficient.

Generally, unforeseen issues are more likely experienced by those who do not have an understanding of how their AC system functions and don't keep up with the unit's care. Accordingly, one of the most important facts you should know about your appliance is its life span. This enables you to prepare financially for a replacement. In addition, you can use the time to take note of what you like about your system versus what you'd like improved, meaning you'll have a good idea of what to replace it with. As such, below are three factors that affect how long your AC unit lasts:


The regularity and effectiveness of preventive maintenance are significant in determining how long your AC lasts. Certain tasks like dusting the condenser and examining the fan for wear and tear take a relatively short time. Nonetheless, you must engage an AC service technician to address the technical and any aspects you cannot handle. With regular checkups, the professional can identify and resolve issues before they damage the unit's components or the entire system. This way, regular professional care allows you to enjoy your AC's service for longer.

Run Time

The components of your AC system wear out faster the more frequently the unit operates. No matter how well you maintain it, your AC will bow to the effect of wear and tear with continued use. For this reason, it is recommended that you switch off the appliance when the weather allows for it. It may also help to bolster the building's insulation, preventing energy loss. Still, the climatic conditions in your area can give you an idea of your unit's lifespan. For example, prevalent, extreme climatic conditions will likely cause your appliance to deteriorate faster because you may have to use it constantly for extended periods.


A professional installation of a quality system helps preserve your appliance's longevity. The technicians also ensure you get a correctly sized AC for your space. Conversely, a too-large unit is prone to breaking down because it constantly turns on and off, interrupting its processes. Thus, you need to involve an AC installation expert from the onset of the selection process.

Your air conditioning system can serve its full lifespan if it's professionally maintained and not over-taxed. Even so, certain unavoidable factors may reduce the longevity of a well-maintained appliance. Contact a local AC service professional to help you get the best out of your unit.