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2 Benefits Of Having A Whole-House Air Purifier Installed For Your Home's HVAC System

If you find yourself having to dust your home several times a week, you may worry about the effect the dust and particles it carries on the air quality of your house. Because of this, you may be looking into your options for single-room and whole-house filtration systems.

While single-room filtration systems only clean the air directly around it, whole-house purifiers are installed directly into the house's HVAC system. Besides keeping your home cleaner, there are a couple of benefits of having a contractor install an air purifier for the heating and cooling system.

1. Reduces the Amount of Dust and Dirt to Improve Airflow and Reduce the Strain Placed on the System 

One benefit of installing a whole-house air purification system in your home is that it reduces the amount of dirt and dust that flows through the HVAC system. Even if you change the filters regularly, dust, dirt, and debris can clog up the interiors of the furnace and air conditioner, reducing the airflow.

When airflow is restricted, the units must work harder to operate, which can adversely affect their lifespan. However, a purification system can dramatically reduce the amount of dust and dirt flowing through the system, which helps to improve the airflow and decrease the strain on your home's heating and cooling systems.

2. Removes Allergens and Pollutants That May Be Contributing to the Poor Air Quality in Your Home

Another benefit of having a whole-house air purification system installed is that it removes allergens, pollutants, and other particles from the air that contribute to poor air quality in your home.

Purification systems are able to remove dust and dirt as well as two other categories of particles: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biological pollutants. Fumes and residue from varnish, paint, and other chemicals fall into the VOC category, while mold, pet dander, and pollen are categorized as biological pollutants. 

All of these adversely affect your home's air quality and can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. A purifier can remove most of these particles from the air.

When a whole-house air purification system is installed in your home, it removes dust and dirt that can block the airflow through the HVAC system and cause strain on the furnace and air conditioner. It also removes VOCs and biological pollutants that contribute to poor air quality. For more information about air purification systems as well as various style and size options available, speak with an HVAC contractor in your area.